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      Prior to seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, my first love was drawing and oil painting. I showed an interest at a very young age, attended private art lessons throughout my school years, and finally attended architecture school. The majority of my paintings are and have been of people I know, always in motion, doing something, not your traditional straight portraits. My style is typical of American late 19th Century Impressionist ala Paxton,Chase & Sargent.

      Music has always been on my front burner, but I had to earn a living.​ Getting back to my love for painting, I thought I would combine two of my many passions and do oil portraits of three of us (Nick, Kristen, and myself) for this albums artwork. A little rusty but I got through with some good results. Been spending so much time with music recording and work, painting took a back seat. Anyway, I’m hopeful you find them fun and I think I nailed their likeness!

Jim final.jpg

Jim Acunto

20" x 20" Oil on Canvas, 2021

Nick final.jpg

Nick Post

20" x 20" Oil on Canvas, 2021

Krista final.jpg

Kristen Ingegno

20" x 20" Oil on Canvas, 2021

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